Kayla hails from Chicago suburbia, where she spent many a night gazing upon the Chicago skyline from Nickol Knoll Hill. She caught the theatre bug in her early years when she became over-involved in orchestra, jazz choir, orchesis, show choir, speech and acting team, and the yearly musical... See what I mean? Hobby became career when she traveled to Muncie, IN to earn her BFA in Musical Theatre from Ball State University. After a couple contracts in Virginia and Ohio, she was able to make the coveted move into The Second City and has been loving Chi-life ever since! She's had the pleasure of performing in numerous productions all around Chicago as well as taking classes for Shakespeare and Chekhov. When not performing, she's busy re-reading Harry Potter for the tenth time, devouring anything chocolate, and remaining perpetually behind on all popular TV shows (one day she’ll finish “Breaking Bad”... NO SPOILERS PLEASE!). Among her friends, she's known for her loud boisterous laugh. In fact, it's often how they find her in a crowded room. She's pretty proud of it, fyi.